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Mathematical modelling of complex fluids

011430, WS1819
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This course aims to give the students mathematical models, methods, and numerical simulation for problems arising in industrial engineering processes. As for instance the process of developing new products material. The lecture starts by introducing industrial engineering processes, from the filling of granular material (pellets) into a silo, extruding the material in its melting temperature (as polymer melts), crystallization, and the casting/stretching the film layer to have the end-industrial-products with the desired quality. Then, the lecture provides necessary mathematical models for each of the engineering processes which are mainly in the form of nonlinear PDE equations which cover wide range of nonlinearity due to viscosity and/or viscoelasticity. Finally, the lecture suggests mathematical methods to deal with those mathematical models which are mainly CFD techniques and ingredients for solving fluid flow problems. The methods cover time and space discretization as well as black-box solver strategies
Language: English
Empfohlene Literatur
  • - Vincenzo Capasso, Mathematical Modeling for Polymer Processing, Springer ISBN 3-540-43412-7
  • - Michael Renardy, Mathematical Analysis of viscoelastic Flows, SIAM ISBN 0-8971-457-5
  • - Daniel D. Joseph, Fluid Dynamics of Viscoelastic Liquids, Springer 0-387-97155-6
  • - Ronald G. Larson, The Structure and Rheology of Complex Fluids, Oxford 0-19-512197-X

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