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Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Digital)

012500, WS2021
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Vorlesung (3+2)
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  • Digital: Di 08:00 2h
  • Digital: Do 14:00 2h
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  • SRV:-:-:S-R100
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Online. Please refer to the course page on Moodle.
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Fundamentals of calculus, linear algebra and ordinary differential equations
Matrix algebra and differential calculus underpin many aspects of modern engineering. This course will not only equip students with a powerful mathematical toolbox, but also highlight the relevance of matrices and differential equations in fields like mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, robotics or data science.

Topics covered in this course include:
vectors and norms
linear maps
linear systems of equations
matrix decompositions
eigenvalues, Jordan normal form, singular values
generalised inverse matrices
least squares
linear differential equations of first and higher order
Laplace transforms
multivariable calculus, extreme values

This course will employ techniques of active learning and features of flipped-classroom approaches. Therefore, despite its online format this semester, students may expect a high level of interaction in both lectures and tutorials.
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